"Earlier this month I had the opportunity to go out to Duluth Minnesota with my girlfriend @JoyScheidle to drive up the coast of Lake Superior. You really don't realize how massive the great lakes are until you're standing right on the edge."   


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"It's amazing how nature has carved its way through these shallow valleys with the force of water and ice. Incredible views above Fall Lake." 

"As we flew in to Minnesota I watched out the window and was blown away by how green it was. Couldn't be happier to road trip through this beautiful place."

"After driving for a couple of hours we spotted this field full of yellow flowers. Good excuse to stretch the legs." 


"Blue hour near the boundary waters. Who wants to go canoeing?" 

"I try to bring a skateboard where ever I travel because you never know what roads you'll find. Also shoutout to the guys that drove past and gave us the shaka.🤙"

"Road tripping across the Mid West has been an awesome experience. Rolling green hills and no cell service, just the way I like it." 

"Standing on the edge of the worlds largest fresh water lake.Taking in the silence and soft breeze it had to offer."   

"Exploring the different beaches and waterfalls of Minnesota."

"I'll definitely need to make it back to the Mid-West during the fall. I can only imagine what it must look like covered in these bright yellow/orange colors."


"Beautiful... the coast line was pretty cool too."

We drove for about 6-7 hours this day and every spot we stopped at I was like a kid in a candy store. So many epic places to explore. Who wants to kayak this with me? 

"I sat with my feet dangling freely as this little boat cruised past the Palisade Head. I gave them a quick wave and watched as everyone on the boat started waving back. It's the small things like this that makes me love traveling."   

"Not a bad place to stretch the legs and enjoy the fresh Minnesota air." 

Evening views high above the Mid West. A beautiful thing to see the upper and lower horizon turn golden at sunset.